Zero-Till Master Plus Planter

The ZeroTill Master Plus Planter unit contains all the features of the ZeroTill Master unit, with the ADDED ability to fertilise and plant in the one operation.

The ZeroTill Master Plus planter unit uses an offset coulter for fertiliser application, allowing the tyne to plant the seed into a row beside the fertiliser without breaking the ground.

Optimise your planting opportunities with a ZeroTill Master Plus.

The major components of the Zero-Till Master Plus Planter row unit are:

  • Fertiliser is placed in the coulter groove which can be 50mm to 90mm (2”- 3.5”) from the planting tyne, without breaking the ground beside the seed.
  • The offset coulter is positioned at the front of the row unit and is followed by the sowing tyne which comes standard with Keech points; fitted with a sheer pin with breakout pressure of 680kg (1500lb); and individual depth control. The seed is placed in the groove created by the tyne at a predetermined depth to seek moisture and therefore aiding maximum germination.
  • The sowing tyne is followed by a high pressure press wheel that will gently press a soil covering on the seed giving close seed/soil contact. This feature, combined with accurate depth control, is very important to achieve a more even crop emergence.

The ZeroTill Master Plus and the ZeroTill Master are designed and strengthened so they are capable of moisture seeking with minimal maintenance.

Options for the Master Plus unit include:

  • Finger/chain harrows
  • Trip release
  • Standard tyne can be replaced with double discs and v press wheels