Zero-Till Master Planter

The Zero-Till Master Planter is a robust machine that will place the seed where it is required. The heavy duty parallelogram assists in maintaining an even flow of operation and maintenance of depth control.

The major components of the Zero-Till Master Planter row unit are:

  • A 50cm (20”) coulter at the front of the row unit cuts a path through the soil and any heavy stubble in preparation for the sowing tyne.
  • The coulter is followed by a sowing tyne that comes standard with Keech points; a sheer pin with breakout pressure of 680kg (1500lb); and individual depth control. The seed is placed in the groove created by the tyne, at a predetermined depth to seek moisture, and therefore encouraging maximum germination.
  • The sowing tyne in turn is followed by a high pressure press wheel that will gently press a soil covering on the seed giving close seed/soil contact. This feature, combined with accurate depth control, is very important to achieve an even crop emergence.
  • Guage wheel with built in safety for row travel.
  • All bearings and hubs HT Holden.

A feature of a tyne machine is its ability to moisture seek. In a dry season where moisture can be up to 25cm (10”) below the surface then it is important to be able to place the seed on top of or in this moisture. This can mean a crop or no crop.

The Zero-Till Master, because it is a tyne planter and of robust and strengthened design, has the ability to moisture seek with a low level of maintenance.

If discs are the preferred option for sowing and moisture is not deep a double disc unit can replace the tyne unit.

Options for the master unit include:

  • Finger/chain harrows
  • Trip release
  • Standard tyne can be replaced with double discs and v press wheels