Planter Unit Options

Each Rogro Planter Unit can be customised with a variety of options to enchance their productivity and meet your needs even more specifically.

  • Press wheel Assembly
  • Coulter Assembly
  • In frame press wheel Assembly
  • Lift Assist
  • Trip Release
  • Finger / Chain Harrows
  • Row Swivels
  • Double Disc Assembly
  • Vee Press wheel Assembly
  • Marker Arms - Vertical Fold or Horizontal Fold

Planter Frame Units Comparison Table
Option Product Description Master Master Plus Bitza Planter Frame Bitza Frame Existing Frame or Toolbar
Press wheel Assembly
  • Rear mounted
  • Fits to existing machines
  • fit 50mm, 75mm & 100mm (2,3 or 4") RHS bar with mounting heights to suit
  • Will swivel to 40 degrees
  • Can have Finger/Chain harrows attached
- - - - -
Coulter Assembly
  • Front Mounted
  • Aids stubble handling on conventional machines
  • For fitting to existing machines
- - - - -
In frame press wheel Assembly
  • Ideally suited to chisel frame type application
  • Follows the tine closer than rear mounted press wheel assemblies, ensuring the press wheel presses over the seed precisely.
- - - - -
Lift Assist
(3 Point Linkage)
  • To reduce lift load from tractor
  • Gives increased floatation and steering control
- - - N/A - N/A
Trip Release
  • Can be used where there are stumps or rocks under the ground & a shear bolt is not practical
  • Can be fitted to any existing Rogro standard Tine
  • Designed not to move til it meets an immovable object
  • Tine breakout is 450 kg (1000lb) with 136kg (300lb) reload pressure.
  • Replaces shear pin tine on a standard row
- - -
Finger / Chain Harrows
  • Used to drag the loose soil into the press wheel furrow to insulate the pressed seed bed
- -
Row Swivels
  • Used where the machine needs to do a lot of turning and in trees and country that has a lot of rocks
- - - -
Double Disc Assembly
  • Can be used in place of the tine
- - -
Vee Press wheel Assembly
  • Used in conjunction with the double disc assembly when sowing
- - -
Marker Arms - Vertical Fold or Horizontal Fold
  • Heavier Stubble conditions make it difficult to see where you have been
  • Hydraulic folding marker arms are used to mark the centre of the tractor for the next pass
  • 6mtr, 8mtr, 9mtr, 10mtr & 12mtr (20ft, 26ft, 30ft, 35ft, & 40ft)
- - -