Planter Units
  • Zero-Till Master Planter
    Zero-Till Master

    The Zero-Till Master is a reliable and reduced maintenance planter unit, designed to plant into heavy crop residue, whilst retaining maximum moisture in contact with the seed.

  • Zero-Till Master PLUS Planter
    Zero-Till Master PLUS

    The Zero-Till Master PLUS planter unit contains all the features of the Zero-Till Master unit, with the ADDED ability to Seed and Fertilise in the one operation.

  • BITZA Zero-Till Disc Planter
    BITZA Zero-Till Disc

    The Bitza Disc Planter is a unique Zero-Till Disc Planter. The machine will operate in moist conditions with minimal accumulation of mud. They are for the serious Zero-Till farmer.


    The Rogro Zero-Till Master Planters and Bitza Zero-Till Disc Planter are highly customisable with a range of options available for each model. Enabling them to meet your needs perfectly.

Welcome to our website.
Rogro International market a range of planters manufactured and designed by Spring Ridge Engineering at Spring Ridge NSW and specifically for use in zero-till farming systems.
Information on this site will assist you in your choice of a planter to suit your farming needs. Our zero-till planters are designed and built in Australia and exported worldwide. Please review the information and videos of our planters working under field conditions. We always welcome further enquiries.